Make-up reservation Form: メークアップ予約フォーム

 全国的にも博物館が例会場というクラブは珍しいと思います。また、この例会場の建物は故 黒川紀章氏が手がけた国内最後の設計作品でもあります。壱岐島にお越しの折にはお気軽にメークアップにお立ち寄り下さい。お待ちしております。
This is a make-up form for the IKI Rotary Club.
Our club’s regular meetings are conducted not at the hotel but at the Ikikoku Museum. Therefore, if you make up on the day, we can not be able to prepare your lunch.In particular, if you wish to lanch, it would be appreciated if you could make a make-up reservation in advance using the form below.

Regular meeting:Every Tuesday 12:30-13:30

Please check the schedule of meetings, change of venue etc. on our club calendar.
※ If you are going to make up with more than one person, please fill in only the representative, others, please enter your name in the message column.

Make-up reservation Form

     If you make any changes after booking, please contact the secretariat below.

    ▶ 事務局 [Office]:
    TEL:+81-920-47-6778、 FAX:+81-920-47-6778